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Technobrains has been around since 2000 as a news and reviews site for mobility based consumer electronic devices. Various products ranging from Windows Mobile devices, portable music devices, digital photography equipment, GPS units, Mobility software products and much more have been showcased. We bring a real world hands on view of mobility electronics to the masses using down to earth explanations and convey the information in a simple language that everyone can comprehend.


Over the years, product reviews have been a staple of Technobrains and more users are referring to our Comprehensive Product Reviews on Technobrains as a starting point for their purchase decisions. Manufacturers, PR firms and resellers rely on Technobrains to deliver a honest and in depth evaluation of the product. Our Comprehensive Product Reviews and Quick Looks are not governed by a deadline or maximum word content limitations.


We will dive deep into a product and provide as much content as the individual product allows. No stone will be left unturned to insure that the readers are fully aware of the products Cons and Pros before making the final purchase decision. Developers and manufacturers will be kept informed of issues that exist that can be considered in future releases of the product.

If you are interested in submitting a product for review, please read our PRODUCT SUBMISSIONS page first and then use the Contact page to introduce us to your company and product. We will be happy to contact you and schedule your product in for a Comprehensive Product Review or Quick Look.







Bob Katayama – Executive Editor

Eric Pankoke  AKA Point of Light – Associate Editor

Sean Hingston – Contributor/Mobile Devices Expert

Dan Bara-Berger – Contributor/Mobile Devices Expert

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