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A Small Comment on Steve Jobs and Apple

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It is early 1984 and I am sitting in front of my television watching Superbowl XVIII. A commercial comes on during half time and captures my attention. The commercial looks like a preview to a new Sci-Fi movie coming out but it is not until the very end that I realize that it’s a commercial for the new Apple computer. I got very excited after seeing the commercial and also intrigued since no image of the computer was shown.


When the time came for the release of the first Macintosh computer, I was amazed but also disappointed that my Commodore C-64/128 which was less than a year old seemed like a dinosaur now. In the short span of 4 years from 1980 to 1984 when I first saw the Apple commercial, I had been through 3 different computers. I started with the Sinclair ZX-80, then the  Commodore Vic-20 and then the Commodore C-64/128. By the time the Apple Macintosh was available locally, I just did not have the $2400.00+ to purchase an Apple Macintosh.

The Macintosh computer was a revolutionary computer system with the first mouse and graphical user interface. My Commodore C-64/128 came with a text based operating system and no mouse. Down the road, Commodore did manufacture a mouse and a 3.5 inch disk drive. With the installation of a third party software called GEOS, my Commodore C-64/128 now had a graphical user interface like the Macintosh but it was no Macintosh. 

In 1984 with the launch of the first Macintosh by Apple, the name Steve Jobs was everywhere. Reading articles about the Macintosh, the person involved in creating this innovative product was Steve Jobs. Certainly there where others working with Steve but Steve Jobs was first and foremost the head person in charge. He would be and still is one of my idols for taking computers to a whole new level. Whenever a TV show or the news had something to say about the latest Apple product release, I would be glued to the TV. During the 1980′s and the 1990′s, there were a number of interviews with Steve Jobs. This is one interview that really stands out for me. Steve Jobs talks about how the graphical user interface was inspired by something he saw at Xerox and also how Microsoft products are third rate.


This video and interview below really showcases in under 9  minutes many of Steve Jobs early successes.


I have never actually met Steve Jobs but his products and way of thinking has always influenced me in many ways. I currently use an iMac and an iPhone Touch. I have used Windows based computers and numerous digital music players but the Apple products are what I have always returned to. I have enjoyed seeing Steve Jobs when he launches a new product with great fanfare. Many companies today also innovate but there is nothing like what Apple does with the influence of Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs influence will still carry on for a few more years with the release of products that he was involved in before his recent passing. I wish all the best for Apple in the coming months and years.

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